Sunday, September 13, 2009

Program of rare music films on Saturday, Sept 19 at Monkeytown in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. 7:30 pm

A Night of Rare Film Jams

Saturday, September 19th
$5, $10 minimum
7:30 pm
reservations are recommended

This program features four very unconventional takes on the concert film.

The Singing Fishermen of Ghana by Pete and Toshi Seeger.
1964, 13 minutes.
Young Ghanaian fishermen bring percussionists along on their boats to accompany their work songs, which helps them pace their rowing. They also turn the act of pulling their fish nets onto the shore into a singing, dancing celebration.

Cigarette Blues by Les Blank and Alan Govenar.
1985, 6 minutes.
Sonny Rhodes and the Texas Twisters perform a searing anti-smoking number, accompanied by a beautiful gyrating, smoking dancer and clips of Rhodes talking about the blues.

Christopher Tree by Les Blank.
1967, 10 minutes.
"Improvising spontaneously in a pristine forest, Christopher Tree creates an inspired state of mind in the viewer with his one-man orchestra that includes 40 Tibetan temple gongs, flutes, tympani and wind chimes.” – Les Blank

Spaceways by Edward English.
1968, 18 minutes.
Gorgeous black and white film of Sun Ra and the Arkestra rehearsing at the Sun Ra house at 48 East 3rd Street in New York for their appearance at Carnegie Hall.

Curated by Lauren Madow

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