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NRBQ Wild Weekend 1989 Virgin Records America, Inc. 91291-2

Wild Weekend
Released: September, 1989
Label: 1989 Virgin Records America, Inc. 91291-2
The Billboard 200 Chart Peak: #198

Wild Weekend (LP) Virgin 91291-1 US 1989
Wild Weekend (Cass) Virgin 91291-4 US 1989
Wild Weekend (CD) Virgin Records America, Inc. 91291-2 US 1989
Wild Weekend (LP) Virgin VL 3075 Canada 1989 Review by Lindsay Planer: After a dozen or so years on Rounder Records, NRBQ signed on with Virgin for the Andy Paley co-produced Wild Weekend (1989). The quartet retains its eclectic range of pop and rock mayhem, adapting several well-worn concert favorites for this studio platter. Nowhere is that more evident than the opening title track, which Terry Adams, Joey Spampinato, and Al Anderson have adapted from the Rockin' Rebels instrumental that was originally called simply "Wild Weekend." (The Q's remake was also prominently featured in The Simpsons' tenth-season episode, Sunday Cruddy Sunday.) Adams gives Crescent City props to zydeco pioneer Boozoo Chavis on "Boozoo, That's Who!" (recalling the band's "Captain Lou" Albano homage), with both Boozoo (accordion) and Charles Chavis (rub board) as well as longtime friend John Sebastian (autoharp) all putting their respective two cents in. Equaling Anderson's lead guitar are his incomparable skills as a composer. The automobile anthem "Little Floater" and the brisk-tempo "Boy's Life" are two of the best entries on the album. The same can be said of Spampinato's closer, the driving rockabilly-tinged "Like a Locomotive." It incorporates and complements the bassist's timeless melodic sense with the combo's simple yet effective no-nonsense performance.

1. It's a Wild Weekend (Terry Adams / Al Anderson / Joey Spampinato / Phil Todaro) 3:30
2. Little Floater (Terry Adams) 3:07
3. Fireworks (Terry Adams) 3:36
4. Boy's Life (Al Anderson) 2:57
5. If I Don't Have You (Skeeter Davis / Joey Spampinato) 2:14
6. Boozoo, That's Who! (Boozoo Chavis) 3:23
7. Poppin' Circumstance (Terry Adams) 3:21
8. The One & Only (Terry Adams / Joey Spampinato) 3:46
9. Immortal for a While (Terry Adams) 3:01
10. Fraction of Action (Terry Adams) 3:21
11. This Love Is True (Terry Adams / Joey Spampinato) 2:48
12. Like a Locomotive (Joey Spampinato) 3:56

Don Adams: Tambourine, Trombone
Terry Adams: Clavinet, Executive Producer, Harmonica, Keyboards, Piano, Programming, Vocals
Chris Andersen: Assistant Engineer, Engineer
Al Anderson: Guitar, Vocals
Tom Ardolino: Drums, Percussion, Vocals (Background)
Greg Calbi: Mastering
Boozoo Chavis: Accordion
Charles Chavis: Rub, Rub board
Wilson Chavis, Jr.: Accordion
Dave Cook: Assistant Engineer
Ed Fruge: Engineer
John Heiden: Design
Klem Klimek: Tenor Sax
Melanie Nissen: Art Direction
Andy Paley: Percussion, Producer
Roswell Rudd: Trombone
Bill Scheniman: Engineer, Mixing, Producer
John Sebastian: Autoharp, Guitar
Harvey Sorgen: Assistant Engineer, Percussion
Joey Spampinato: Bass, Executive Producer, Guitar, Vocals
Mark Tanzer: Assistant Engineer, Engineer
The Whole Wheat Horns: Ensemble, Horn

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NRBQ Diggin' Uncle Q (Live) (1988) Rounder Records

Diggin' Uncle Q (Live) (1988)
Rounder Records
Barcode: 011661310926

LP Rounder 3109
Cass Rounder 3109
CD Rounder 3109

Diggin' Uncle Q CD music Released in 1988, this live set is a companion to the previous year's GOD BLESS US ALL. Diggin' Uncle Q music CDs Both were recorded on the same weekend and together comprise the best possible portrait of NRBQ's live show in the mid-'80s. Where GOD BLESS featured a an engaging relentlessness, this album is a bit more laid-back. There are four extremely diverse ballads: "My Hometown" was from an Andy Griffith Show episode, "You're So Beautiful" was originally by the Watts 103rd Street Band, "Scarlet Ribbons" is a beautiful rendition recorded prior to the show during soundcheck, and the fourth one features the band singing karaoke! The band also rocks ferociously, coming out at full tilt on the opening "It Comes To Me Naturally."

A live session from two different shows. The first side was recorded at Toad's Place (New Haven, CT.) and side two is from Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel (Providence, R.I.). Both recordings were captured without any prior knowledge on the part of the club owners or the fans. The band just hit the stage, rolled tape and took their chances.

1. It Comes to Me Naturally (Al Anderson) 3:16
2. What a Nice Way to Go (Al Anderson) 4:13
3. That's Neat, That's Nice (Terry Adams) 3:40
4. Won't You Come over to My House? 2:58
5. Daddy Loves Mommy-O/Who Does Daddy-O Love (Bill Woods) 3:28
6. My Hometown (Clara Edwards) 1:24
7. Just the Way You (Karaoke Version) Are (Billy Joel) 3:36
8. You're So Beautiful) 4:32
9. I Got a Rocket in My Pocket (Jimmie Logsdon/Vic McAlpin) 3:42
10. Macho Maria (Al Anderson) 3:33
11. Some Kind of Blues (Terry Adams) 3:32
12. Crazy Eights (Terry Adams) 2:04
13. Trouble at the Henhouse (Joey Spampinato) 3:06
14. Scarlet Ribbons (Evelyn Danzig/Jack Segal) 2:56

From the CD booklet notes:
Side 1 Tracks 1-7 recorded at Toad's Place, New Haven CT, April 16, 1987.
Side 2 Tracks 8-14 recorded at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI, April 17-18, 1987.

From the CD back cover notes:
Tracks 6 and 12 do not appear on LP or cassette configurations.

Don Adams: Tambourine, Tabla
Terry Adams: Clarinet, Composer, Piano, Producer, Vocals
Tom Adrolino: Drums, Vocals
Al Anderson: Bass, Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Tom Ardolino: Drums, Vocals
David B. Greenberger: Design
Jim Hochanadel: Harmonica, Sax (Tenor)
Bill Scheniman: Engineer, Producer
Joey Spampinato: Bass, Composer, Guitar, Producer, Vocals

Monday, July 16, 2012

NRBQ God Bless Us All (Live) 1987 Rounder Records

God Bless Us All (Live) 1987
Recorded live on Saturday April 18, 1987 at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, Rhode Island.

Catalog number: 793297
LP Rounder Records 3108 1987
CD Rounder 1987
LP Marat Records CM 09 Germany 1988
CD Rounder Select 1989
Cass Rounder Select 1998

Despite their potent reputation as a live act, it wasn't until 1987 that they finally got around to releasing a live album.

1. Introduction 0:28
2. Crazy Like a Fox (Al Anderson) 3:55
3. Here Comes Terry (Terry Adams) 3:50
4. Every Boy, Every Girl (Joey Spampinato) 2:33
5. In the Mood (Joe Garland / Andy Razaf) 3:28
6. Sitting in the Park (Billy Stewart) 3:25
7. She Got the House (Terry Adams) 5:52
8. Down at the Zoo (Terry Adams) 3:14
9. Me and the Boys (Terry Adams) 3:26
10. Mouthwaterin' (Terry Adams) 3:30
11. Success 0:41
12. 12 Bar Blues (J. Butwell) 4:34
13. God Bless Us All (NRBQ) 2:06
14. Get Rhythm (Johnny Cash) 3:59
15. They Loved It (NRBQ) 0:43
16. Shake, Rattle & Roll (Charles E. Calhoun) 5:49
17. I Gotta Go, Babe (Terry Adams) 2:53

Don Adams: Trombone
Terry Adams: Composer, Keyboards, Producer, Vocals
Al Anderson: Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Tom Ardolino: Drums
Tom Coyne: Mastering
David B. Greenberger: Cover Design
Jim Hochanadel: Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor)
Anastasia Pantsios: Photography
Bill Scheniman: Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Joey Spampinato: Bass, Composer, Producer, Vocals
The Whole Wheat Horns: Horn Ensemble
Craig Winzelberg: Mixing Assistant

Sunday, July 15, 2012

NRBQ Uncommon Denominators (Compilation) 1986 Rounder

Uncommon Denominators (Compilation) 1986
Rounder Select CD 1988
Rounder Select CD 1989
New Rounder Digital 2011
Barcode: 011661150621
Asin: B0000003LQ

1. Me and the Boys (Terry Adams) 3:28
2. Still in School (Joey Spampinato) 2:24
3. People (Bob Merrill / Jule Styne) 3:12 (previously unreleased on CD. Recorded at the Museum of Modern Art; New York, NY)
4. Want You to Feel Good Too (Terry Adams) 3:37
5. Only You (Joey Spampinato)  2:42
6. Feel You Around Me (Al Anderson) 3:29
7. Howard Johnson's Got His Ho-Jo Working (Terry Adams) 3:16
8. Wacky Tobacky (Terry Adams / Keith Spring) 2:41
9. Miss Moses (Terry Adams) 1:05
10. Captain Lou (Terry Adams / Al Anderson) 2:30
11. Trouble at the Henhouse (Joey Spampinato) 2:17
12. Don't She Look Good Joey Spampinato) 1:54
13. Doctor's Wind (Joey Spampinato) 2:31
14. I Don't Think Of... (Joey Spampinato) 2:48
15. RC Cola and a Moon Pie (Terry Adams) 3:32
16. Beverly (Joey Spampinato) 2:04
17. It Was a Accident (Al Anderson) 3:33
18. Ridin' in My Car (Al Anderson) 2:52
19. Definition of Love (Terry Adams) 2:33
20. Deaf, Dumb, and Blind (Joey Spampinato) 2:24
21. Big Goodbyes (Terry Adams) 3:48

From the CD booklet notes:
The selections on this compact disc are drawn from 6 NRBQ albums on Rounder/Red Rooster Records: "All Hopped Up," "Kick Me Hard," "Tiddlywinks," "Scraps," "Tapdancin' Bats," and "RC Cola And A Moon Pie," available on LP and cassette, except Track 3, not available on LP or cassette. Tracks recorded between December 1971 and June 1981.

Donn Adams: Percussion, Trombone
Terry Adams: Clarinet, Composer, Harmonica, Piano, Producer, Trumpet, Vocals
Lou Albano: Vocals
Al Anderson: Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocals
Nancy Jean Anderson: Design
Tom Ardolino: Drums
Don Bagley: Photography
Frank Gadler: Vocals
Eddie Kramer: Engineer
Tom Mark: Engineer
Bob Merrill: Composer
NRBQ: Primary Artist
Ken Sheehan: Guitar (Rhythm)
Joey Spampinato: Artwork, Bass, Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Producer, Vocals
Keith Spring: Composer, Sax (Tenor)
Tom Staley: Drums
Jule Styne: Composer
Gary Windo: Sax (Tenor)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

NRBQ: RC Cola And A Moon Pie (Compilation) Rounder Records 1986

RC Cola And A Moon Pie (Compilation) 1986
Rounder Records LP 3090
Red Rooster Records LP 110
Rounder Select Cass
Barcode: 01166130901
Asin: B004LYYG88
Matrix / Runout: 45518

Side A
1. Mona (Workshop) (Spampinato) 2:22
2. RC Cola And A Moon Pie (Workshop) (Adams) 3:32
3. C'mon If You're Comin' (Workshop) (McGhee) 3:17
4. Ratch-I-Tatch (previously unreleased) (Adams) 3:40
5. Deaf, Dumb And Blind (Workshop) (Spampinato) 2:24
6. Louisville (previously unreleased) (Adams) 1:00

Side B
1. Sourpuss (45 rpm SOH 022) (Ferguson) 2:01
2. Miss Moses (Workshop) (Adams) 1:05
3. I Got A Little Secret (Workshop) (Spampinato) 2:37
4. Get That Gasoline Blues (Workshop) (Adams/Craig) 3:13
5. Don't Knock At My Door (Scraps) (Spampinato) 2:53
6. Four Million B.C. (Workshop) (Adams) 2:37

From the LP back cover notes:
All tracks originally appeared on the Kama Sutra LP "Workshop" (KSBS 2065)
"Ratch-I-Tatch" and "Louisville:" previously unreleased.
"Sourpuss:" SOH 45 (SOH 022).
"Don't Knock at My Door:" Kama Sutra LP "Scraps" (KSBS 2045).

Bass, Mandolin, Saxophone [C-melody], Vocals – Joey Spampinato
Design – Scott Billington
Drums – Tom Staley
Guitar, Vocals – Al Anderson
Mastered By – Tom Coyne
Piano, Organ, Trumpet, Vocals – Terry Adams
Producer, Engineer – Eddie Kramer, Johnny Phillips (Sourpuss)
Reissue Producer – Joey Spampinato, Terry Adams)
Rhythm Guitar – Ken Sheehan (I Got A Little Secret)
Trombone – Donn Adams
Vocals – Steve Ferguson (Sourpuss)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

NRBQ "Thanks For The Memories" NRBQ Fan Club Cassette C-101 Live Tracks & Rarities 1973-1982 Released 1982 or 1983 Cover

Thanks For The Memories
NRBQ Fan Club Cassette C-101
Live Tracks & Rarities 1973-1982
Released 1982 or 1983

Side 1:
1. We'll Make Love
New Year's Eve/Hartford, CT. 1979
2. Things We Like Session
Kick Me Hard Recording Session 1978
3. Shake That Thing
Springfield, Mass. 10-27-78
4. You & I & George
Springfield, Mass. 10-27-78
5. Swamp
Saugerties, NY 4-19-78
6. Well Oh Well
Willimantic, CT 2-29-76
7. Correct Posture
Worcester, Mass. 5-80
8. People
Poughkeepsie, NY 5-78
9. Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf
Saugerties, NY 1980

Side 2:
1. Angel Baby
Saugerties, NY 12-17-76
2. RC Cola And A Moon Pie
Alternate 45 Version 2-73
3. Sourpuss
Memphis, Tenn. 2-74
4. Tina
Springfield, Mass. 10-27-78
5. Boppin' The Blues
w/ Carl Perkins, Amherst, Mass 3-81
6. Just Ain't Fair
Saugerties, NY 1979
7. Spinning Wheel
Nantucket, Mass. 8-79
8. Hobbies
Burlington, VT. 3-16-81
9. Hanky Panky
Woodstock, NY 2-79
10. How Could I Make You Love Me
Chicago, Ill. 6-8-82
11. Thanks For The Memories
Red Bank, NJ 1-22-82

NRBQ "In Person!" Red Rooster EP-2 Live 45 rpm 7" EP Recorded August 29, 1980, Released 1982 Cover

In Person!
Red Rooster EP-2
Live 45 rpm 7" EP
Recorded August 29, 1980, Released 1982 

Side 1:
Do You Feel It
Alone Again (Naturally)

Side 2:
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
Time And Place