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NRBQ Diggin' Uncle Q (Live) (1988) Rounder Records

Diggin' Uncle Q (Live) (1988)
Rounder Records
Barcode: 011661310926

LP Rounder 3109
Cass Rounder 3109
CD Rounder 3109

Diggin' Uncle Q CD music Released in 1988, this live set is a companion to the previous year's GOD BLESS US ALL. Diggin' Uncle Q music CDs Both were recorded on the same weekend and together comprise the best possible portrait of NRBQ's live show in the mid-'80s. Where GOD BLESS featured a an engaging relentlessness, this album is a bit more laid-back. There are four extremely diverse ballads: "My Hometown" was from an Andy Griffith Show episode, "You're So Beautiful" was originally by the Watts 103rd Street Band, "Scarlet Ribbons" is a beautiful rendition recorded prior to the show during soundcheck, and the fourth one features the band singing karaoke! The band also rocks ferociously, coming out at full tilt on the opening "It Comes To Me Naturally."

A live session from two different shows. The first side was recorded at Toad's Place (New Haven, CT.) and side two is from Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel (Providence, R.I.). Both recordings were captured without any prior knowledge on the part of the club owners or the fans. The band just hit the stage, rolled tape and took their chances.

1. It Comes to Me Naturally (Al Anderson) 3:16
2. What a Nice Way to Go (Al Anderson) 4:13
3. That's Neat, That's Nice (Terry Adams) 3:40
4. Won't You Come over to My House? 2:58
5. Daddy Loves Mommy-O/Who Does Daddy-O Love (Bill Woods) 3:28
6. My Hometown (Clara Edwards) 1:24
7. Just the Way You (Karaoke Version) Are (Billy Joel) 3:36
8. You're So Beautiful) 4:32
9. I Got a Rocket in My Pocket (Jimmie Logsdon/Vic McAlpin) 3:42
10. Macho Maria (Al Anderson) 3:33
11. Some Kind of Blues (Terry Adams) 3:32
12. Crazy Eights (Terry Adams) 2:04
13. Trouble at the Henhouse (Joey Spampinato) 3:06
14. Scarlet Ribbons (Evelyn Danzig/Jack Segal) 2:56

From the CD booklet notes:
Side 1 Tracks 1-7 recorded at Toad's Place, New Haven CT, April 16, 1987.
Side 2 Tracks 8-14 recorded at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI, April 17-18, 1987.

From the CD back cover notes:
Tracks 6 and 12 do not appear on LP or cassette configurations.

Don Adams: Tambourine, Tabla
Terry Adams: Clarinet, Composer, Piano, Producer, Vocals
Tom Adrolino: Drums, Vocals
Al Anderson: Bass, Composer, Guitar, Vocals
Tom Ardolino: Drums, Vocals
David B. Greenberger: Design
Jim Hochanadel: Harmonica, Sax (Tenor)
Bill Scheniman: Engineer, Producer
Joey Spampinato: Bass, Composer, Guitar, Producer, Vocals

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