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NRBQ Wild Weekend 1989 Virgin Records America, Inc. 91291-2

Wild Weekend
Released: September, 1989
Label: 1989 Virgin Records America, Inc. 91291-2
The Billboard 200 Chart Peak: #198

Wild Weekend (LP) Virgin 91291-1 US 1989
Wild Weekend (Cass) Virgin 91291-4 US 1989
Wild Weekend (CD) Virgin Records America, Inc. 91291-2 US 1989
Wild Weekend (LP) Virgin VL 3075 Canada 1989 Review by Lindsay Planer: After a dozen or so years on Rounder Records, NRBQ signed on with Virgin for the Andy Paley co-produced Wild Weekend (1989). The quartet retains its eclectic range of pop and rock mayhem, adapting several well-worn concert favorites for this studio platter. Nowhere is that more evident than the opening title track, which Terry Adams, Joey Spampinato, and Al Anderson have adapted from the Rockin' Rebels instrumental that was originally called simply "Wild Weekend." (The Q's remake was also prominently featured in The Simpsons' tenth-season episode, Sunday Cruddy Sunday.) Adams gives Crescent City props to zydeco pioneer Boozoo Chavis on "Boozoo, That's Who!" (recalling the band's "Captain Lou" Albano homage), with both Boozoo (accordion) and Charles Chavis (rub board) as well as longtime friend John Sebastian (autoharp) all putting their respective two cents in. Equaling Anderson's lead guitar are his incomparable skills as a composer. The automobile anthem "Little Floater" and the brisk-tempo "Boy's Life" are two of the best entries on the album. The same can be said of Spampinato's closer, the driving rockabilly-tinged "Like a Locomotive." It incorporates and complements the bassist's timeless melodic sense with the combo's simple yet effective no-nonsense performance.

1. It's a Wild Weekend (Terry Adams / Al Anderson / Joey Spampinato / Phil Todaro) 3:30
2. Little Floater (Terry Adams) 3:07
3. Fireworks (Terry Adams) 3:36
4. Boy's Life (Al Anderson) 2:57
5. If I Don't Have You (Skeeter Davis / Joey Spampinato) 2:14
6. Boozoo, That's Who! (Boozoo Chavis) 3:23
7. Poppin' Circumstance (Terry Adams) 3:21
8. The One & Only (Terry Adams / Joey Spampinato) 3:46
9. Immortal for a While (Terry Adams) 3:01
10. Fraction of Action (Terry Adams) 3:21
11. This Love Is True (Terry Adams / Joey Spampinato) 2:48
12. Like a Locomotive (Joey Spampinato) 3:56

Don Adams: Tambourine, Trombone
Terry Adams: Clavinet, Executive Producer, Harmonica, Keyboards, Piano, Programming, Vocals
Chris Andersen: Assistant Engineer, Engineer
Al Anderson: Guitar, Vocals
Tom Ardolino: Drums, Percussion, Vocals (Background)
Greg Calbi: Mastering
Boozoo Chavis: Accordion
Charles Chavis: Rub, Rub board
Wilson Chavis, Jr.: Accordion
Dave Cook: Assistant Engineer
Ed Fruge: Engineer
John Heiden: Design
Klem Klimek: Tenor Sax
Melanie Nissen: Art Direction
Andy Paley: Percussion, Producer
Roswell Rudd: Trombone
Bill Scheniman: Engineer, Mixing, Producer
John Sebastian: Autoharp, Guitar
Harvey Sorgen: Assistant Engineer, Percussion
Joey Spampinato: Bass, Executive Producer, Guitar, Vocals
Mark Tanzer: Assistant Engineer, Engineer
The Whole Wheat Horns: Ensemble, Horn

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