Saturday, October 1, 2011

Samples From Sun Ra Master Tapes on Ebay

Recently there has been a new cache of Sun Ra Master Tapes listed for sale on Ebay. Sample can be heard on SoundCloud here:

The 5 samples are:
1. Groovin' High [Tape from early in his career of Sun Ra live with John Gilmore on tenor sax]
2. Song 3, Take 1 [From a 10" tape of master recording of Sun Ra from May 18, 1992. The box it came in is marked Bro. Wind II? The tunes are untitled and there are several takes on some of them. The engineer simply announces song number and take number.
3. Session Sample [First couple of minutes of a Sun Ra session from 1959. This is 2 false starts and a bit of take three of 'Round Midnight with vocal by Hattie Randolph.]
4. Unidentified Live Concert [Found on unlabeled reel to reel tape. Sun Ra Piano Solo]
5. Buffalo [Sun Ra live recording sample of Sun Ra & His Band From Outer Space]

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