Saturday, May 17, 2014

The 2014 Sun Ra Centennial Classics Series Remasters with Bonus Tracks, Extended Versions, and Stereo Mixes Available at iTunes!

The 2014 Sun Ra Centennial Classics Series Remastered and compiled by Michael D. Anderson for Sun Ra Music Archive

Thanks to Paul Griffiths [], we have just learned that 21 Sun Ra Arkestra albums have been remastered and released via iTunes with no announcement or fanfare. Many details are as yet unknown, but many of the releases (not all) contain bonus tracks, extended versions, and stereo versions for some songs previously only available as mono mixes.

Here's what we know as of now, thanks to Paul. The Nubians of Plutonia contains versions of Ankhanaton and Spontaneous Simplicity from acetates discovered by Robert L. Campbell on an acetate. Invisible Shield includes a 10 minute version of Island In the Sun. Monorails and Satellites Vol. 1 contains 6 unreleased solo piano pieces. Fate in a Pleasant Mood features a reverb drenched "single version" of Lights on a Satellite.

For the Sun Ra Arkestra's dedicated fans this is major news and the stuff dreams are made of. Stayed tuned for more details, and please share your feedback as you listen to these new releases!

The albums included in The 2014 Sun Ra Centennial Classics Series are:
  • Angels and Demons at Play
  • Astro Black
  • Atlantis
  • Bad and Beautiful
  • Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy
  • Fate In a Pleasant Mood
  • Holiday For Soul Dance
  • Interstellar Low Ways
  • The Invisible Shield
  • Jazz In Silhouette
  • The Magic City
  • Monorails and Satellites Vol. 1
  • Nubians of Plutonia
  • Other Planes of There
  • Sound Sun Pleasure
  • Strange Strings
  • Supersonic Jazz
  • Universe In Blue
  • Visits Planet Earth
  • We Travel the Spaceways
  • When Sun Comes Out

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