Friday, April 15, 2016

Sun Ra LLC/Sun Ra Music Archive releases as of April 15, 2016

Straight from Sun Ra LLC's Irwin Chusid we have a state of the union update on all of the Sun Ra LLC/Sun Ra Music Archive releases issued and/or remastered as of April 15, 2016.

- The record label is ENTERPLANETARY KONCEPTS, period. 
- Anything tagged "MFiT" means Mastered for iTunes, indicating it was remastered from tape by Michael Anderson and Irwin Chusid. 
- The other titles were remastered from vinyl or a combination of tape and vinyl. 
- These titles are currently not available as hi-res downloads, only m4a (iTunes) and mp3 (all other digital retailers). 
- Sun Ra LLC/Sun Ra Music Archive is currently working on vinyl (and possibly CD) reissues of many catalog titles thru Virtual.
- Non-catalog vinyl releases are forthcoming in 2016 via Sundazed Records Modern Harmonic imprint.

Angels and Demons At Play 
Antique Blacks
Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow
Astro Black 
Aurora Borealis [solo piano] (non-MFiT)
Bad and Beautiful 
Beyond the Purple Star Zone
Celestial Love
Continuation Vol. 1
Continuation Vol. 2
Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy 
Dance of Innocent Passion (non-MFiT)
Fate in a Pleasant Mood 
Fireside Chat with Lucifer
God Is More Than Love Can Ever Be (non-MFiT)
Holiday for Soul Dance 
I Roam the Cosmos
Inter-Media Arts 1991
Interstellar Low Ways 
Invisible Shield 
Jazz by Sun Ra (non-MFiT)
Jazz in Silhouette 
Magic City (full stereo)
Monorails and Satellites Vol. 1
Monorails and Satellites Vol. 2 (non-MFiT)
My Brother the Wind Vol. 1
My Brother the Wind Vol. 2
New Steps (non-MFiT)
Night of the Purple Moon
Nubians of Plutonia 
Oblique Parallax (non-MFiT)
Omniverse (non-MFiT)
Other Planes of There 
Other Side of the Sun (non-MFiT)
Other Voices, Other Blues (non-MFiT)
Paris 1983
Pit-Inn 8-8-88
Ra to the Rescue
Secrets of the Sun
Solo Piano, Venice 1977 (non-MFiT)
Some Blues But Not the Kind That's Blue
Soul Vibrations of Man
Sound Sun Pleasure 
Strange Strings 
Sub Underground #1
Sun Ra Visits Planet Earth 
Supersonic Jazz
Universe in Blue 
Voice of the Eternal Tomorrow (non-MFiT)
We Travel the Spaceways 
When Sun Comes Out


Sam Byrd said...

Thanks so much for putting this up; it's very helpful. It'd be great, too, to have a list of the bonus tracks for each release. I have tried to keep a list going as they've come out but I'm sure it's incomplete. Some of the unreleased tracks only appear in the various anthologies Irwin put together, like "Explore the Cosmos." I don't see those listed here. Anyway, this is an amazing resource and it's great to have all this available.

And also, a general "thank-you" for this amazing blog! Tons of great stuff here. I'm not much of a commenter so I have been remiss in expressing my appreciation. Cheers!


mike124 said...

Although the preamble says these releases are not available in high-res download and only as mp4a and mp3, sites like are selling the Enterplanetary Koncepts discs also in FLAC and WAV. I assume these are legit high-res files???+