Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Tribute To Sun Ra on ESP Radio

Clocking in at 11 hours, and available as lossless audio, this internet radio special was compiled by Michael Anderson—Sun Ra's appointed archiver of the Arkestra. Full of treasures and revelations, this program will be enjoyed by students of Sun Ra's for years to come.

ESP Radio

ESP Radio is a downloadable music documentary program that focuses on the artists heard in the ESP-Disk Jazz catalog. The program is coordinated and produced by The Good Doctor as a FREE SERVICE with the intent on exposing many hidden mysteries about some of the key players of the Avant Garde / Free Jazz Era of the 1960’s.

The Good Doctor spent 30 years documenting the development of each artist by conducting interviews that are included in the programming to add an authenticity to the programs.

To communicate with The Good Doctor: Please add ESP Radio reply in the subject line.

The Tribute To Sun Ra on ESP Radio

The Good Doctor has produced another milestone ESP Radio tribute and this time to Sun Ra in view of his Arrival Day. The program overviews the early days, Chicago, early blues session work, The Red Saunders period, more unreleased 1948 (?) recordings from the Stuff Smith session minus Stuff Smith, and the entire ESP-Disk recordings.

The highlight of this presentation is the extensive interview footage with Sun Ra speaking plus Bernard Stollman recalling fond memories of Sun Ra and the period. In the program is Sun Ra reads poetry, speaks his wisdom, and most importantly; Sun Ra tells you his own story.

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