Friday, June 4, 2010

WKCR 2010 Sun Radio Omniversity Part 1 Playlist: Sun Ra Arrival Day Celebration

Sun Radio Omniversity Part 1 - Sun Ra Arrival Day Celebration
Transfigured Night playlist for 05/22/2010
Submitted by Charles Blass on Wed, 2 Jun 2010, 10:52pm
DJs: Charles Blass

Artist Title Album Label
Sun Ra Sunset on the Nile NYC Battery Park Sept. 7, 1985
Sun Ra Rocket #9 Stockholm 10-12-71
Sun Ra Watusi Helsinki 10-14-71 Transparency
Cosmic Rays The Second Stop Is Jupiter The Second Stop Is Jupiter Norton
Sun Ra Prelude to Stargazers/ The Mayan Temples Mayan Temples Black Saint
Sun Ra Interview 3-21-92 w/ Sun Ra by Charles Blass - including excerpts from WKCR solo piano 1977 concert
Sun Ra Islands in the Sun Janus Saturn
Sun Ra The Alter Destiny/ Monorails and Satellites/ The Galaxy Way Monorails and Satellites Saturn
Nu-Sounds Spaceship Lullaby Interplanetary Melodies Norton
Sun Ra We Roam the Cosmos What's New Saturn
Sun Ra Sometimes I'm Happy/ Astro Nation Dance of the Living Image Transparency
Sun Ra Code of Interdependence/ Somebody Else's Idea/ The Wind Speaks My Brother the Wind Vol. II Saturn
Sun Ra Arkestra They're Peepin A Song for the Sun El Ra
Nu Sounds Black Sky and Blue Moon/ Dreams Come True The Second Stop Is Jupiter Norton
Sun Ra Dreams Come True Deep Purple Saturn
Sun Ra Interplanetary Music Interstellar Low Ways Saturn
Sun Ra Neptune Discipline 27-II Saturn
Sun Ra Calling Planet Earth Live at the Gibus Saturn
Sun Ra Intergalactic Research Continuation Saturn
Sun Ra To Nature's God Live in Egypt Saturn
Sun Ra There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of) Lanquidity Philly Jazz
Sun Ra They'll Come Back Slug's June 7, 1972 Transparency
Sun Ra Space is the Place Space is the Place Blue Thumb

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Unknown said...

Note: "Battery Park" actually "Art on the Beach" which was landfill covered with sand now covered by Battery Park City. The short-lived Art on the Beach besides holding the Sun Ra concert was also host to many sculpture projects and several other concerts, including a bonfire concert featuring the Aboriginal Artists of Australia which I also attended.
-Dikko Faust