Thursday, August 28, 2014

Part 7 of Exclusive Interview with Irwin Chusid, Administrator for Sun Ra LLC

Christopher Eddy from Sun Ra Arkive: Now that you and Michael have partnered with Sun Ra’s legal heirs, Sun Ra LLC, what are your goals moving forward?

Irwin Chusid, Administrator for Sun Ra LLC: Here’s a short task list, minus details because these are essentially speculative, unconfirmed, subject to change, and contingent on the cooperation of other people.

We’ve received a half-dozen offers from labels eager to release Sun Ra on LP and CD. The best offer we received was from a reputable distributor who proposes to help us set up our own label. The distro rep is a longtime friend of mine and Michael, and he’s a Sun Ra fan. But so far, nothing logistical has been finalized.

We’ll continue to fill out the Mastered for iTunes catalog, which currently has 25 full-length releases, as well as 9 samplers. We’ve also reissued a handful of albums from pristine vinyl because we don’t have tapes. (The vinyl sourced-albums are not graded MFiT.) We granted Apple limited exclusivity on the 2014 remasters because they initiated the program and gave us terrific editorial support. On January 1, 2015, the entire catalog will be released thru all other digital retailers, although they will not feature Apple’s high quality AAC+ 24-bit format—they’ll be mp3s—and they won’t have the downloadable pdf booklets.

I’m also striving to throw the bootleggers out of the temple. Efforts ongoing, as well as cleaning up the foreign sub-publishing, which is a mess thanks to … well, let’s just say someone not connected to Sun Ra, to the family, or to Michael.

And finally, we plan the imminent launch of

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