Friday, August 29, 2014

Part 8 of Exclusive Interview with Irwin Chusid, Administrator for Sun Ra LLC

Christopher Eddy from Sun Ra Arkive: There has never been an official How did that come about?

Irwin Chusid, Administrator for Sun Ra LLC: The domain was purchased by a fellow on the west coast in 1992. He’s a devoted fan of Sun Ra, saw him perform in the 1970s, and he thought it would be a cool domain name to own. This was in the early days of the web, when most people had no clue about the value of domain names and they were relatively easy to acquire. This gent had no intention of preventing its legitimate use by anyone connected to Sun Ra and he didn’t buy it to sell it later at a profit. He intended to set up a Sun Ra website, but never got around to it. I discovered his name and contact info and reached out. When I explained we wanted it for the family business, he immediately offered to transfer it—at no cost. That was an act of boundless generosity. He is thanked on the website, we’re giving him a free ad for his Mac business, and we’ve let him retain a half-dozen email addresses. We also gave him free downloads of the entire Mastered for iTunes series, and he’s going to get free Sun Ra merchandise—whatever we produce—for life.

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