Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Geomusic: James Furia



Geomusic: James Furia on Red Ice Creations Radio

August 3, 2008

We have musician and researcher James Furia with us to discuss the topic of Geomusic. This incorporates Music, Geometry, Mathematics, Alignments of Ancient Monuments and Mounds. We begin to discuss James' background and move on to talk about the significance of "The Code", the work of Carl Munck. Topics Discussed: What is Geomusic? The Discovery, Pi, Pyramids, Tuning, Frequency, 440 & 432, Symbols & Music, Alignments, Archeoastronomy, The Beatles, The Moon, The Global Grid, Processional Numbers and much more. Don't miss our continuation with James Furia. We're going to talk more about Geomusic as we go more into Frequency, Color, Gematria, Ancient sites, Ratios, Music of the Spheres and Chakra Tuning. We also talk about the positive use and the sinister use of music or melodies, everything from the subversive use of tunes, like jingles to the power and energy of music and much more.