Friday, August 8, 2008

"Sun Ra: Jazz Messiah" By Mississippi Mahn

Sun Ra: Gimmick or the Real Deal?

The late interplanetary cosmic jazz musician and philosopher Sun Ra was so ahead of his time that many still wonder whether what he created was based on gimmickry or whether he was a teller of outlandish truths that will withstand time.

In "Sun Ra: Jazz Messiah," Mississippi Mahn lets you, dear reader, decide for yourself.

By way of quasi-autobiography, whose subtext is really a critique of the state of American journalism and ultimately the state of the planet, Mississippi Mahn offers you some shoe-leather reporting on Sun Ra that was completed about five years before Sun Ra's death in 1993.

The book ends with a verbatim interview with Sun Ra, in which he speaks for himself and addresses profound issues affecting people of African descent in particular and all of humanity in general.

As you will come to understand, Sun Ra was most concerned with humanity's savagery, as exemplified by the creation of nuclear weapons, which signifies unfortunately the triumph of science over art.

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