Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pathways to Unknown Worlds Unreleased Recordings Setlist

Jungle Drums (electric piano and solovox, 1953)
Call My Baby (Jo Jo Adams, 1953, Ra arr.)
It's Raining Again (Joe Williams, 1953, Ra arr.)
Just Friends (1957, home)
Egyptian Scat (1956, Budland, w/Hattie Randolph)
Persian Rug (1956, Budland, w/Hattie Randolph)
Untitled (1956, live Budland)
Unreleased (Choreographers Workshop, 1961)
Wake Up America (for JFK) (Ra, celeste, w/Marshall Allen, voc., 1963)
My Children (1961, home)
Unknown Title (studio, 1957)
Celeste Solo (1963)
Miserlou (1955, w/Vernon Davis)
I've Forgotten (1961, Choreographers Workshop)
East Of The Sun (1955, Pat Patrick)
Truth Is Bad (1961, home)
Make Me Feel Good (1955, female vocal)
The Outers (unreleased, 1964 NYC)

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Unknown said...

Heard some of these at the show in Philly - this would make another great Atavistic release hint hint
Dikko Faust