Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Walt Dickerson has left the planet

To all concerned:

I was asked to inform you of the regrettable death of vibraphonist, Walt Dickerson, by his beloved wife, Elizabeth. Walt passed away on May 15 from cardiac arrest. He was 80 years of age and lived in Willow Grove, PA.

In sympathy,

Andrew Cyrille


Walt Dickerson Quartet
Impressions of a Patch of Blue
MGM SE 4358 (1966)

Side A:
A Patch of Blue part 1
A Patch of Blue part 2
Bacon And Eggs
High Hopes

Side B:
Alone in the Park part 1
Alone in the Park part 2
Selina's Fantasy

Walt Dickerson-vib; Sun Ra-p, celeste; Bob Cunningham-b; Roger Blank- d. Recorded in New York City, 1965. [Info from Stahl and Raben]


Sun Ra and Walt Dickerson
Steeplechase SCS 1126
Steeplechase SCCD 31126 (CD)

Side A:
Astro (Dickerson)
Utopia (Dickerson)
Visions (Dickerson)

Side B:
Constructive Neutrons (Dickerson)
Space Dance (Dickerson)

added on SCCD 31126:
Light Years (Dickerson)
Prophecy (Dickerson)

Ra-p; Dickerson-vib. Recorded 7/11/1978. [Album jacket]

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