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Sun Ra Arkestra: "Hymn to the Universe" Concert On Demand

Sun Ra Arkestra: Hymn to the Universe

Recorded: Oct. 21, 2008 Venue: Palais Royale Ballroom, Toronto, ON

The Sun Ra Arkestre was formed by Sun Ra in the 1950's and has been performing ever since. Following Sun Ra's death in 1993 Marshall Allen - who had ben leading the reed section for 40 years - took over the ensemble.

The Arkestre's jazz is avant garde, eclectic and playful and performed by a band full of extremely talented and dedicated musicians whose music is their life.

"Hymn to the Universe" is a celebration of music and dance with the combined forces of the Sun Ra Arkestre under the direction of Marshall Allen and the dance company Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie.

The Music Gallery and Rough Idea presented "Hymn to the Universe" at the Palais Royale during the 2008 X Avant New Music Festival.

Music composed by Sun Ra except where otherwise indicated:

1-Section One: Seeing
Black and Tan Fantasy by Duke Ellington 5:46
Sea of Sounds 7:57
Crystal Spears 4:41
Light From A Hidden Sun 4:07
Yeah Man! by N. Sissie 3:40
The Within of Things by Marshall Allen 5:20

2-Section Two: Omniverse

Body and Soul by Johnny Green
The Conjunction of Science and Religion by Marshall Allen 3:47
3-Section Three: Attunement

Heliocentric 6:17
Cocktails for Two by Sam Coslow and Arthur Johnson 3:42
In-B-Tween & Mr. Mystery by Marshall Allen/Art Jenkins 10:57
We Travel The Spaceways 16:50

Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie are Bill Coleman, Laurence Lemieux, Peter Chin, Robin Poitras, Won Myeong Won, Carol Prieur, Junghm Jo, Jennifer Dahl, Robert Regala. Understudies/additional performers: Nicole Rose Bond/Juliette Coleman.

1 Section One: Seeing 31:31
2 Section Two: Omniverse 10:04
3 Section Three: Attunement 38:19
Sun Ra Arkestra
Marshall Allen - bandleader, alto sax, EWI (electronic wind instrument)
Fred Adams - trumpet
Art Jenkins - vocals, percussion
Knoell Scott - alto sax
Elson Nascimento - percussion
Dave Davis - trombone
Dave Hotep - guitar
Wayne Anthony Smith Jr. - drums
Reynold Scott - baritone sax
Farid Barron - piano
Danny Ray Thompson - baritone flute
Arthur Edward Booth - bass
Cecil Hiram Brooks - trumpet

David Jaeger - Producer
Steve Sweeney - Recording Engineer
Wayne Richards - Assistant Recording Engineer

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