Friday, May 29, 2009

Greetings from the 21st Century! Year One

Another trip around the sun and time again to honor Sun Ra and Marshall Allen's Arrival Days. The Sun Ra Arkive blog is now a year old and looking forward to another year full of Sun Ra Arkestra news. Please stay in touch and let us know of any Sun Ra Arkestra related activity -- I'd love to see some more comments and community. Space Is The Place!


Abstract "I" said...

Would it be possible to make accessible the entire original editions of these 'Arkive' e-mags?

Sam said...

Cheers, and congratulations for a whole year of Ra blogitude. I don;t comment much (if ever--you know how it goes) but this is a great resource. Thanks for all the work!

Christopher B. Eddy said...

Thanks for chiming in Sam -- I can always count on you!