Saturday, March 12, 2011

NRBQ Boppin’ the Blues (With Carl Perkins) (Columbia)

Recorded Aug 1969 - Oct 1969. Released 1970.

2 pressings:
LP CS 9981
CD CK 9981 (Sounds excellent according to Mike Dow:

Given their willingness to try virtually anything in the musical realm, a collaboration with Carl Perkins really wasn't all that odd. Released in 1970, "Boppin' the Blues" featured a mixture of Perkins originals and NRBQ numbers, with a Little Richard classic thrown in for good measure.

Track Listing
Side 1:
1.) All Mama's Children (Johnny Cash / Carl Perkins)
2.) Turn Around (Carl Perkins)
3.) Tina (Jody St. Nicholas)
4.) Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard (Terry Adams)
5.) Sure To Fall (Cantrell, Claunch, Claunch, Perkins)
6.) Flat Foot Flewzy (Steve Ferguson)

Side 2:
1.) Sorry Charlie (Carl Perkins)
2.) Step Aside (Emerson, Ferguson, Lake)
3.) Rip It Up (Blackwell, Marascalco)
4.) Allergic To Love (Carl Perkins)
5.) On the Farm (Terry Adams)
6,) Boppin' the Blues (Griffin, Perkins)
7.) Just Coastin' (Carl Perkins)

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