Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Terry Adams and Joey Spampinato Pre-NRBQ: Merseybeats U.S.A. and Seven Of Us

Merseybeats U.S.A.

Merseybeats U.S.A. were a Rock N Roll band from Shively, Kentucky featured 2 future members of NRBQ, Steve Ferguson and Terry Adams.

They recorded 3 singles for Top Dog Records, Circa 1966-1967.

2313 Merseybeats U.S.A. - You'll Come Back / Nobody Loves Me That Way
2318 Merseybeats U.S.A. - Does She Or Doesn't She / Stop Look & Listen
2322 (106) Merseybeats U.S.A. - 30 Second Lover / Nobody Loves Me that Way

A conversation with Terry about the early years and Hell Night:

The Mersey-Beats USA - Nobody loves me that way + You'll Come Back

The Seven Of Us

The Seven Of Us were a Rock N Roll band from the Bronx, New York, circa 1965-1967, featuring 2 future members of NRBQ, Joey Spampinato and Frank Gadler, along with Johnny DeRobertis, Brian Darby, Charlie Tuna, Jerry Gold, and Kenny Nemeroff. According to Johnny Spampinato, "Red Bird put out one single and there is an unreleased single DJ copy floating about somewhere."

Red Bird RB 10-080 Seven of Us Jamboree / It's Not Easy To Forget/It's Mighty Nice 1966

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