Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Wildweeds: Video on youtube

I've spent a lot of time listening to and researching The Wildweeds. As a kid that grew up in the dismal musical climate of the 80s in CT, I am absolutely fascinated at the idea that there was once a thriving and diverse scene here in the 60s.

I totally love their first 1967 single "No Good To Cry / Never Mind" (Cadet Concept 5561), and think their original four 45s are all excellent -- Someday Morning, I'm Dreaming, and Happiness Is Just An Illusion in particular are my faves. They had several strong vocalists with differing styles. They were tight and tasteful, and Bob Dudek's Bass lines on I'm Dreaming and Sorrows Anthem really stick out to me as cool and unique.

Here's links to The Wildweeds video on youtube:

No Good To Cry by The Wildweeds

The Wildweeds - I'm Dreaming

The WildWeeds - I'm Dreaming re-worked (1967)

Richie Robinson Mixing No Good To Cry by the Wildweeds

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