Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Wildweeds: Greatest Hits...& More! (Club 51 LP 51-2 1988)

Club 51 LP 51-2 1988
Dixieland Music LP Bud 24 1988

Track Listing:
Side 1:
Excuse Me Baby
No Good To Cry (Cadet Concept 5561) 1967
Never Mind (Cadet Concept 5561) 1967
Someday Morning (Cadet Concept 5572) 1967
Can't You See That I'm Lonely (Cadet Concept 5572) 1967
It Was Fun While It Lasted (Cadet Concept 5586) 1968
I'm Dreaming (Cadet Concept 7004) 1968
Happiness Is Just An Illusion (Cadet Concept 7004) 1968

Side 2:
Where Is Our Love
I Had A Girl [Ray Zeiner 1971 I Had A Girl / You Know My Love Poison Ring 721]
I Want You Here
No Good To Cry (Live) [Same version as]
John King's Fair [Circa 1970]
Fantasy Child [Circa 1970]
There You Go [Circa 1970]
Belle [Circa 1970]

Al Anderson: guitar, vocals
Ray Zeiner: organ, clavinet, Wurlitzer electric piano, vocals
Bob Dudek: bass, vocals
Andy Lepak: drums, vocals
Martin 'Skip' Yakaitis: percussion, vocal
Bob DePalma: flute on "I Want You Here"
Al Lepak Sr.: additional percussion
Warren Bloom: bass on "You Know Your Love"
Bob Dudek: Drums on "You Know Your Love"
String Arrangement: Bert Keyes on "It Was Fun While It Lasted" and "I Had A Girl"
Horn Arrangement: Al Lepak Sr. on "Happiness Is Just An Illusion"

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