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Fletcher Henderson: The Complete Pre-Louis Vocalion/Brunswicks

I have no affiliation with this sale or company, but wanted to share the listing since I've never seen this pressing...

FLETCHER HENDERSON The Complete Pre-Louis Vocalion/Brunswicks (Amazing 1967 UK limited edition set of SIX 10" vinyl LPs, available by subscription only, featuring fifty nine tracks recorded in New York between 27th October 1923 & 24th September 1924 with Rosa Henderson on vocals & Coleman Hawkins on Tenor on several tracks, including a 12-page booklet & with each in their own front laminated picture sleeve)

The Audubon record label was formed in the 1960s by the legendary transfer engineer John R.T. Davies to present rare 1920s Jazz and Blues in the best possible sound quality and from the best possible copies and at the correct pitch. Pressings were restricted to 99 copies of each title to avoid attracting Purchase Tax and consequently are now very rare. The sound quality of these transfers has seldom, if ever, been bettered! Here is the magnificent 6-Volume set of Fletcher Henderson's pre-Louis Vocalions including ALL the blues accompaniments to Rosa Henderson, Viola McCoy, Edna Hicks etc. plus the Brunswick band and blues accompaniment sides. Complete with the original booklet the set (numbered AA to AAK) is in Near Mint condition


1. Your Time Now
2. I need You To Drive My Blues Away
3. Gulf Coast Blues
4. Down Hearted Blues
5. Where (Can That Somebody Be)
6. Down South Blues
7. You've Got Everything A Sweet Mama Needs But Me
8. Dicty Blues
9. Do Doodle Oom
10. Afternoon Blues
11. Michigan Water blues
12. So long to You And The Blues
13. If You Don't Give Me What I Want
14. It Won't Be Long Now
15. Every Woman's Blues
16. Just hot
17. Just Hot
18. Down South Blues
19. I Want My Sweet Daddy Now
20. He May Be Your Dog But He's Wearing My Collar
21. You've Got to Get Out
22. He's Never Gonna Throw Me Down
23. Awful Moanin' Blues
24. Charleston Crazy
25. Mason-Dixon Blues
26. Chicago Bound Blues
27. Old Black Joe's Blues
28. Potomac River Blues
29. I'm A Good Gal
30. Papa Will be Gone
31. Cotton Pickers Ball
32. Lots O' Mama
33. Sud Bustin' Blues
34. War Horse Mama
35. If Your Good Man Quits You, Don't Wear No Black
36. I Ain't Gonna Marry, Ain't Gonna Settle Down
37. Hey Hey & Hee Hee, I'm Charleston Crazy
38. Do Right Blues
39. Clearing House Blues
40. West Indies Blues
41. Chicago Blues
42. Feelin' The Way I Do
43. How Come You Do Me Like You Do
44. My Papa Doesn't Two-Time No Time
45. Tea Pot Dome Blues
46. Mobile Blues
47. I Don't Know & I Don't Care
48. Strutter's Drag
49. How'm I Gonna Get 'Em
50. Barrel House Blues
51. My Right Man
52. Do that Thing
53. Those Broken Busted
54. The Gouge Of Armour Avenue
55. Hard Hearted Hannah
56. A New Kind Of Man
57. The Meanest Kind Of Blues
58. Forsaken Blues
59. Cold Mammas

Year of Release: 1967
Artist: Fletcher Henderson
Title: The Complete Pre-Louis Vocalion/Brunswicks)
Format: 10" RECORD
Record Label: Audubon
Catalogue No: AAF/G/H/I/J/K
Country of Origin: UK

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