Friday, June 6, 2008

Brush Sound Mirror BK401

Brush Sound Mirror BK401 (wood cab)

This is one of the first commercial reel tape recorders on the market. See 1947 ad from the Saturday Evening Post dated October 11, 1947.

Soundmirror BK-401 (BK401)

The Soundmirror BK-401 is the second magnetic tape recorder-reproducer of the Brush Development Company. The operator instructions are mainly done by typewriting. The recording tape is made of paper. 3 motor drive !

Features: 1/4" mono full-track reel-to-reel recorder/reproducer. 3", 5" and 7" EIA hub reels for 2-hour recording. 7 1/2 ips only. Reels made by 3M.

Designed primarily for home-recording purposes. recordings may be made either from a crystal microphone, supplied with the unit, or from a phonograph pickup or the detector stage of a radio. The recording medium is coated-paper tape, marketed under the name of Magnetic Ribbon. Difficulties with slit tilt are avoided in the Soundmirror by using the same head for both recording and playback; a separate head, spaced about 1 inch from the recording head, is employed for erasing. During recording or playback the medium is held against the recording and erasing heads by felt pressure pads, which are automatically withdrawn when the "stop" switch is depressed. Any previous recording on the medium is automatically erased at the time a recording is made. Level is monitored during the recording period by means of a magic eye tube.

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